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The Sasaki Lab represents a team of scientists dedicated to helping save lives through research on links between GTP metabolism and cancer. We recently discovered the existence of a GTP energy sensing kinase, which has the effect of propelling tumor growth, as published in Molecular Cell. We continue to investigate the mechanism of GTP metabolism to find how it can be used to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Sasaki Lab’s "GTP" Way:
Geek: we investigate GTP, GTP and GTP!
Together:  we work together! 
Passion: abosolute requirement for success!

Welcome to The Sasaki Lab Curiosity and Collaboration Are Key Drivers of Innovation
Atsuo Sasaki: When I was in second-grade, I wondered if the varying root lengths of plants near the beach had anything to do with soil conditions. I walked around the neighborhood with a shovel in my hand until I had enough samples to compare. The effort earned me my first junior science award from the city of Kure, Hiroshima.
The following year, I decided to find the fastest way to ignite a piece of paper using a magnifying glass. I learned silver paper would never burn. In third grade, I experimented with materials for a tin-can telephone so I could talk with my friend from 100 yards away. Both of these projects landed me Hiroshima’s special science awards and taught me being inquisitive and tenacious pays off.
It’s the same curiosity that drives me today as I and my research team explore the field of GTP metabolism, a new frontier in cancer research that we developed. At Sasaki Lab, we place the highest priority on discussions. Innovation happens when people share their “crazy” ideas, realize the significance of those ideas and begin working together to make them a reality.
I have a one-hour lab session every week in which all team members challenge each other to reach for the creativity that they have inside of them.

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